First Blog

Its very nearly a year since the highways department told us to get out of the old shop. They gave us 14 days to comply but Dave managed to negotiate an extra two weeks! You try finding a new place of business in four weeks over the Christmas period, getting the lease read by a solicitor, (in fact finding a solicitor not on the seventh vacation of the year in the Alps), preparing the new premises and moving van after van load of stock through the basement back doors (organised by the wonderful Betty) because we had no right to the front door keys before the lease was signed. All of this whilst trying desperately to keep our customers satisfied during the Christmas period... the most fractious time of year.
Yet we did it. I wondered at the time if I had done something terribly wrong and was suffering retribution from on high. I still think it was a test. Lots of people worked very hard indeed to help us through that terrible, awful, evil time and it was greatly appreciated. Many of them are owed an awful debt which we would be happy to pay... yet....
Nearly a year on and still no compensation.
We would like to thank all of those loyal customers who have helped keep us going during this difficult year 2009. We could not, and still cannot, afford to advertise and are proud that our reputation has been enough for people to actively seek us out in our new premises. Its been a hard year for others too... some falling by the wayside. As the year speeds to an end I look forward to doing great business with customers new and old. And getting some compensation so we can pay some debts!
Thanks again!