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This page hopes to connect you with other sites that will help with flooring selection or queries. Please let us know
if you have any recommendations. I'll look at them.

Web Site Designers
Karen Naylor. Brilliant young site designer - makes it so easy for you to run your own site! Only just found out recently and now eager to experiment when I get time. Call her now before she recognises how much she is worth!

Carpet Fitters
A useful link to hundreds of sites offering help with flooring throughout the UK.

Stained your carpet?
a2zcarpets have an interactive guide to help you remove marks and stains. We prefer you just buy a new one.
Did I say that out loud?

Want a Moment of Reality?
James will introduce you to a world where putting compost in your compost bin is forbidden and cycling on the cycle track is more dangerous than on the road. Its your world.. not so far away. Funny too.

Here at Babington Lane we can change your frayed and tatty bit of carpet into a rug. Any shape or size undertaken though internal corners can present a problem. Price only 50 pence per linear foot with a minimum charge of £5.00.

Photos, not flooring related.Indulgence.

Music great East Midlands rock and soul band

Charity volunteer to help or make a donation

Cotgrave Community Website



Allstar Vinyl Now Here.
£5.99 a sq meter. 2 - 3 - 4 meters wide. Anti slip. R10 rated! Absolute bargain! Lots of designs at this price!

New Studio, Essex, Piazza, Kent, Buxton, ....  a huge list of naturals at £5.00 a sq meter. Fantastic value and choice of hundreds of different colourways. All available quickly and suitable for anywhere in the home. Special deals for landlords and landladies.

RIVINGTON TWIST A popular luxury, mottled twist pile, hessian backed at only £7.50 a sq meter!

STAINFREE TWIST, STAINFREE TWEED, STAINFREE HEATHER Abingdon's flagship products available in multi widths at a ridiculously low £12.99 a sq yard. Yes. That's £15.50 a sq metre! Available 1, 2, 3, 4, AND 5 metres wide !!!!


Several ranges from £5.5 a mt to £25 a mt.

Remember this is just a tinsy itsy weeny selection. Drop into the shop to see the huge choice or give us a ring and we will call out with samples !



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