Vacuum Cleaners

My old friend Pete Mathew's blog at though he makes absolutely no mention of vacuum cleaners ... an omission for which I barely forgive him. As a manager, then owner, of carpet shops for a huge amount of time spanning two centuries I have had personal experience of around twenty vacuum cleaners from, I think, six different manufacturers. . They have had to cope with far more fluff and dirt than any domestic situation. Awards... Worst ever (three different machines)... Dyson. Difficult to maintain, expensive parts and too many requisite filters, overly prone to blockage and awkward to unblock without an extra arm to hold the blooming thing still, uncaring arrogant and un-listening help. Best ever (one only lasting three years so far). ... Morphy Richards, Pets. Exactly the opposite of the above. (Though I can't comment on the help line... never needed them). Love it.