Your remnant of carpet can become a useful rug or mat.

Simply bring it into our shop and we will whip it around the edges with a yarn colour of your choice.

Whipping costs 50 pence per linear foot (that's measured around the edge) with a minimum charge of £5.00. Usually this can be done within 24 hours though larger pieces can take longer. Circular, oval or odd shapes, (cats, dolphins, bath mats etc.), are no problem though internal corners need to be gentle! (About the circumference of a dinner plate).

Actually I am thinking of marketing cat, dog and rabbit shape mats and selling hem on e-bay. Would welcome comments. Guinea pig shapes would be particularly easy and could double as nut mats on bars? Dolphin outlines are smooth and quick to produce too but dolphins are, I am told, not messy eaters anyway.


Phone 01332 384150 for more details...

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